Modelo de escort  Kamila Maia

Modelo de escort Kamila Maia de Río de Janeiro, Brasil
Modelo de escort Kamila Maia de Río de Janeiro, Brasil
Modelo de escort Kamila Maia de Río de Janeiro, Brasil (2)
Modelo de escort Kamila Maia de Río de Janeiro, Brasil (2) (3)
Modelo de escort Kamila Maia de Río de Janeiro, Brasil (2) (3) (4)

Your Travel Sized Sweetheart. A woman who brings your world into focus.

Sparkling doe eyes filled with longing and a tinge of mischief, an intense palette of greens and bronze. An exposed collarbone, aching to be stroked. Fingertips that lace through yours, grazing your palms; simple gesture, but one charged with excitement. I delight in being the perfect girlfriend for those seeking a woman who successfully combines erotic supremacy with personal and vocational achievement…

I am passionate about being the woman of your dreams and my personal focus rises above and beyond mere satisfaction. My ambition is to put you at ease as we savour one another in episodes of delight, genuine affection, and limitless adventure so that when we part ways you feel emotionally fulfilled and profoundly restored.

I have been quite lucky to be lavishly spoiled in this life but my interests are endlessly vast and ever expanding. I’m more than happy to hear about whatever has been rolling around in your head. I’ve held jobs both as a fashion designer in Sao Paulo and a programmer. I’m equally content at a gala in heels as I am in a thong bikini on the sands of a deserted beach. To say I’m hungry to experience life might be an understatement.

What makes up a woman like that? More than can be condensed into a few paragraphs, of course, so I urge you to visit my website listed below and discover what makes me tick…

In eager anticipation,

Literature | Cycling – Road Bike | Cooking | Hiking | Being on or near the ocean | Being in or near the mountains | Writing | Painting | Travel | Photography | Fitness | Live music | Poetry | Languages (currently learning French)
And most importantly… you ?
I am also currently in the process of attaining my paragliding-certification and would like to take golf lessons in time for the next Spring/Summer!

* Please visit my website for additional photos, fees and a bit more about me and detailed instructions on how to schedule an experience.
* Currently accepting invitations for introductions, dinner dates, slumber parties, day rates and travel requests.
* Priority given to extended engagements and travel.
* I am not available for invitations with less than 4hours notice. I need time to pamper myself to you.

Teléfono móvil:
+5521965811277 Llamar
Información principal
  • Género Femenino
  • Edad 24
  • Orientación Bisexualidad
  • Peso 49
  • Altura 165
  • Disponible Incall
  • Nacionalidad Brasileño
  • Idiomas Inglés, Portugal
  • Color de ojos Marrón
  • Color de cabello Negro
  • 1 hora $ 350