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Not sure how to spend your leisure time? You Should try us for some amazing hair pulling rough fuck in Brazil guaranteed to give you the perfect balance between pain and pleasure.

When one’s hair is pulled safely during sex, it can be a truly pleasurable experience. “There are a lot of nerve endings in our heads, that are not touched very often, common arousing actions include a tug on a part of the body, including one’s hair. “For many people, a little bit of pain can be pleasurable during a sexual experience, and this can be achieved for some when their hair is pulled. Our sexy escorts are well versed in this art of pleasurable rough choke fuck in Brazil. Have you ever wondered where pain meets pleasure in a sexy adrenaline-like sensual way? Well, studies show that pulling on a woman’s hair and tugging on her hair follicles, has been scientifically proven to energize and activate the nerve endings at the back of her neck. The same reason why having a scalp massage feels good. Besides, the nerve centers for pain and tension and the nerve centers for pleasure are closely related, and especially in a woman’s brain, the response in a brain image for pain and pleasure especially – when aroused or during orgasm – are closely connected. The exciting and thrilling sensation in your brain can be activated by something as simple as whispering, musical sounds, or even spanking…

For most hair tugging or pulling only happens when they are bent forward, and their backs arched but there are many ways to pull and tug gently on your lovers’ hair. He or she can be kneeling in front of you giving you a blow, speaking of which our amazing and erotic escorts are ready to please you whichever way possible as hair pulling in Brazil is quite popular. They are competitive and resilient and wild. Our babes are not afraid to ruffle up the sheets. They can be both submissive and domineering depending on the needs of the client, all this to say if you would like to be the one to have your hair pulled during a steamy rendezvous they are always up to the task. You can still have our escorts straddle you and as you are having them and sucking on their tits you can grab their hair so that they are facing the ceiling. The feeling of having your hair pulled the right way is just orgasmic, it intensifies the sensual yum feeling both of you are experiencing at that moment. Our brilliant escorts are warm and friendly and completely rational.

Some surveys have even found that many women desire rougher and more powerful sex than the man they’re with. I would like to relate this desire for roughness/ power is that it demonstrates the man’s physical strength to her. And, again, his ability to protect her. When it comes to pulling her hair during sex- there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. You don’t want to grab her hair at the ends and pull. This can be extremely painful and isn’t quite the level of aggression she is looking for in bed. What you want to do is grab her hair at the base of her neck. What this does is stimulate the arousal responses at the very base of her neck. In other words, it will make her feel AMAZING. Massaging the area before you start pulling can also add a boost to this arousal spot. Hold Her Down or have her hold you down if you are into it. Women (especially feminine women) love feeling contained during sex since it allows her to feel secure, and she can freely express her sexuality with you. The easiest way to do this is to take her wrists and hold them together over her head while you are on top of her. You can do this while making out, or during sex. You can also hug her tight and keep her “secured” that way. The important thing is that she feels restrained, and in a way, under your control.

Society encourages a woman to see herself as an object of desire; being restrained, submissive, and spanked allows her to act that out”. We found that women typically like to be dominated because, by the man asserting his power & leadership, she feels protected, secure, and desired. Important to note is: Not all women are into this. Some women have a phobia, or just a quirk, of not having their hair touched or played with. You want to make sure she is the type of woman who enjoys scalp massages, having her hair touched, etc., before attempting hair pulling.

Did you know that pulling a woman’s hair can intensify her orgasms? Like when you’re taking her from behind, if you pull her hair the arch of her back makes it possible for you to hit her deep spot. This “Deep Spot” orgasm is honestly the most intense orgasm. This goes to show that size does not matter. The technique is Key. Unfortunately, the Biggest Mistake Most Men Make in The Bedroom is being afraid to be assertive, or even a little rougher, because they are afraid they will hurt the woman, or she is a delicate little flower who wants everything smooth, slow, and sweet. While some women do want it this way and only this way, the vast majority desire powerful, rough choking Brazilian style fuck since it is more aggressive (for lack of a better word) thrusting, movements, and actions.

Although many women describe themselves as feminists with domineering qualities outside of the bedroom, they also admit that inside the bedroom they want the man to take charge, assert himself, lead, dominate and really “give it to her”.